Did KashTree Monetize Instagram?

Did KashTree Monetize Instagram?

by July 13, 2019

KashTree has made a ruckus around the internet as of lately due to the opportunity the site has offered to influencers. Influencers are able to sign up to the site and start earning by promoting their referral link. This referral link is tethered directly into affiliates account. Once this link is shared affiliates are compensated based upon performance & traffic.

Where Did KashTree Come From?

Did this new service just magically fall out of the sky?! Sadly no, KashTree has been around for quite some time. The network is considered the #1 Influencer Network in the country due to the vast tools they offer. You’re also able to pick a various task to complete to earn money. Their Task wall is considered the best in the industry.

Where Instagram Comes into Play

Instagram Influencers have been attempting to monetize their accounts for years. Influencers attempt to sell products and do paid promotions but sadly this does not generate enough income. KashTree has made the monetization a lot easier for Instagram influencers. All influencers have to do is keep a link in their bio and send attention towards it through their stories. This is considered a whole lot less annoying then spammy/scammy content being promoted.

How do Influencers feel?

Influencers are in love with the network and many have claimed that CP is their primary income. The amount of money that influencers are making on CP far surpasses what they would’ve made from paid promotions. Influencers are able to show off their luxurious lifestyles from their CP earnings right on their feed. This flex is promoting KashTree even further causing a dominos to affect on Instagram currently.

KashTree Instagram

KashTree is on the ups and you should probably hop on the network ASAP! Sign up get your $25 bonus and conquer Instagram today.

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