Is SEO Dead in 2019?

Is SEO Dead in 2019?

by July 14, 2019

I’m pretty sure many of you are confused right now; wondering “what is SEO?” I don’t blame you. Influencer marketers generally don’t use SEO as it is another traffic gathering method outside of the typical influencer platform of social media. SEO stands for search engine optimization.

Basically, SEO is the ability for your site or web app to be read & displayed by search engines such as Google and Yahoo.


1. “SEO is no longer needed”

Many believe that SEO is no longer needed due to the increased use of influencer marketing. I don’t necessarily agree with that notion. SEO is still an important factor in marketing and gaining leads. However, influencer marketing has grown in popularity and doesn’t require the use of search engine optimization.

Although KashTree is an influencer network, I believe you all still should be using SEO to promote your referral link if you want to go on to the next level.

“You can never be doing too much when marketing.” – a wise man

Trying different methods might not always bring positive results but it still promotes improvement as you are gaining insights and experience trying new things.

How do I implement SEO with KashTree

Implementing SEO with KashTree is fairly easy for those motivated enough to try the method. To implement SEO, you would need to create your own site and need to find relevant content to add to it. We have various users implementing SEO at the moment who are making way more than our regular social media marketing users.

SEO allows members to reach more people as billions of people use search engines to navigate the internet.

For example, you can target a specific keyword, such as “how to make money online this summer as a teen”. If your site is optimized for that keyword, when a user searches that up, your site would be one of the first ones to pop up. This ensures that you are receiving traffic that is relevant & interested in using your referral link to earn money online.

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